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Earth: Final Conflict

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Name:Earth: Final Conflict
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Community description:An EFC Fan Community
This is a community for fans of the TV show Earth: Final Conflict

Fics, recs, icons, general discussion, meta, news, questions, squee - any content related to the show is welcome here.


- Please use headers and warnings (where applicable) when posting.
- Please member-lock all media downloads. Downloads which aren't locked will be removed.
- Please tag your entries. Select from the tags list (under construction)
- Please put huge/multiple images and long text under lj-cut.
- Please be civil to other community members.

You are welcome to re-post older entries (e.g. from other journaling sites) here as well, and if you have any suggestions, questions or problems, feel free to contact me via pm at [personal profile] dancing_serpent or email to

Disclaimer: EFC belongs to Tribune Entertainment, Alliance Atlantis and The Roddenberry Family. I am not making profit with this site, nor do I want to.
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